Thursday, October 6, 2016

Apparently, only some Black Lives Matter

One night Last week, I was just about to go upstairs and go to sleep when I decided to watch just a few minutes of the 11 O'clock News.
Big mistake.
The third story in was about a little black boy in Harlem that had been murdered. The story went on to tell about how the mother's boyfriend had beat him to death.
Let me just say this: there is no alleged. They showed some film of the junkie mother and her savage boyfriend being arraigned; and my stomach went into free fall.
Maybe it's because I have a child now; maybe it's because I grew up in a bad situation...not sure, but I can tell you for sure that I had a visceral reaction to this poor child being murdered.
It is still raw.
I have been tweeting New York City's most inept mayor. (Small M on purpose; he doesn't deserve my respect) and I have been tweeting about this, and talking about it, and rolling it around in my head. Just how does this happen? Who is at fault here? Are you and I at fault, on some level? Because it takes a Village, right? How about the neighbors in Harlem?
Where, Oh Where are the Black Lives Matter Activists on this one?!
When the BLM crew gets going, they like to say things over and over, they chant, and one of the favorite tag lines is: Say His/Her Name.
How about this:
There. I said it. Zymere Perkins.
Will saying it again bring him back? You can argue all sorts of things, but many times when a BLM Activist gets behind an untimely death, said person was shot/killed while in the process of committing a crime. 
Zymere Perkins was an innocent baby; a small child whose life was taken away from him at the hands of an  evil piece of garbage. 
And now the mayor has lawyered up.
I'm writing about this now as I didn't have time last week to Blog, but I can also tell you that I was waiting to see how things would pan out...I waited to see if the Black Lives Matter protestors would take to the streets.
There's been no sign of them in Harlem.
Isn't that strange.
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