Thursday, January 3, 2013

Horror Show

Some nights, the strangest things happen: one right after the next, to the point where you begin to wonder if you've entered the Twilight Zone.
Roc said it started when they got a call to go to a certifiable House of Horrors. Here's his take upon entering the building:
"It was like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 3-D. The house was all dilapidated, there were no lights in the hallways, so we had to have our flashlights out from the moment we entered, and then as we began walking through the place, we realized that there were people living in rooms that looked like closets. Once we started encountering people, everyone was either drunk or high...some woman was yelling that she couldn't find her bra...then some guy pops up out of nowhere like a Zombie from Night of the Living Dead."
I counted three different references to Horror Films. I laughed as he described the surreal surroundings and both his and his partner's reaction to it; and as always with his stories, they make me laugh and they make me sad, from one moment to the next.
After the Fun House, they were called to the home of a Regular Customer: from what Roc describes, a good family that is struggling with the mother's alcoholism. They found her stumbling on the middle of the street, making noises, spittle coming out of her mouth, waving her hands, making maniacal gestures.
A real-life Zombie.

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