Monday, June 28, 2010

Checking it out

We decided to head into the city and check it out for ourselves.
We went to the NYPD's Information day, which was held at the Police Academy in Manhattan. It was interesting just being inside the Academy: it held a real reverence for me, especially when we passed the wall that depicted all the officers who had lost their lives on 9/11.

Roc and I shared a glance; we knew, we remembered.

We went to an auditorium where there were several officers on stage, giving a Rah-rah speech about the opportunities within the NYPD. Looking back, it's funny the things I remember: A woman who looked like a perp sitting in the theatre-style seats directly in front of us...she had a colossal tattoo on her neck that said some man/lover/child's name. She had to be at least four hundred pounds, and I kept wondering how she was going to pass the agility.

I remember a female police officer touting the generosity of the benefits package: "Some prescriptions will cost you only ONE DOLLAR!" She shouted from the stage like a Hallelujah dollar, only a dollar!

I have yet to pay One Dollar for any prescription.

There were different Fraternal Organizations dotting the hallways to either side: The Hispanic Society, The Columbia Association, Police Officers for Christ, the LGBT Club, The Anchor Club.

We toured the classrooms, and then we got to tour the gym. We inspected the Agility Course; was it doable? Could my 34-year-old husband conquer it?

We went out on the rooftop. There's a beautiful insignia on the floor of the Academy, that says something with the Academy logo and some type of Shield. An officer out on the roof commented that they covered the insignia with a tarp on 9/11, so that the Police Academy wouldn't get bombed.

Wow. I looked at Roc. He was looking out across the city, taking it all in, his feet planted firmly on the roof, and I knew that he was in. Heart, mind, body...NYPD, here we come!

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