Friday, June 25, 2010

The Next Hurdle

"I have to throw myself over a wall!" Rocco proclaimed one night after getting off the phone with a friend.

Let me just say this: Cops gossip. Cops gossip worse than women in an upscale neighborhood that have nothing better to do than their nails. Cops gossip so much and so frequently that I almost thought about writing a blog called "Gossip Cop."

I'm kidding.

But they do, and the latest was this: the NYPD had a very different agility test than the one Rocco had just taken. It included jumping over a fence, scaling a wall, running up and down stairs, and dragging a "dead" body. Much like urban warfare training, their test concentrated on things that a police officer would actually encounter on a daily basis in NYC.

"You can do it." It felt like a mantra, but I was willing to keep saying it. The truth is, I didn't know what else to say. I was still conflicted; I wanted him to pursue this because I wanted him to be happy, and I didn't want him to look back and regret never having sought after his dream.
But I was scared and I knew that it wasn't about to get any easier.

We found out about an opportunity to go to the Academy and see the actual obstacle course he would have to tackle and hear a recruitment rah-rah speech.

I figured it couldn't hurt.

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