Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the Future

I think it's safe to say that there's an intricate juggle we all face when the husband's schedule gives him a few days off...that time when we make a shift, to doing it all on our own (and making all our own choices) to bringing him into the fold, one moment at a time. Only CopWives really know what I'm talking about...and although we've developed a rhythm, it's still an adjustment.

My heart goes out to the CopWife whose husband's first day was last week. I remember that night like it was yesterday. A small piece of advice: surround yourself with people who "get it." Family and friends that understand that you're flying solo and will invite you out anyway. Perhaps someone who will call and distract when the nightly news is on; I've learned that some nights it's better for me not to watch. I've begun watching more Comedy Central and inane things, so that the interminable wait for the phone call saying he's on his way home somehow seems to go by a little bit faster.

Going back, it seems funny now: How I Thought It Would Be vs. How It Is.

I thought it wouldn't be such a big adjustment.

I thought it would be less stressful.

It's like anything in life, I guess, you never know until you're in it.

So we were getting in it. He confessed about his college prank, and then he still had other levels of inquiry to get through. Psychological tests: Would you rather see a play, or play soccer? A trick question: How do you feel when you wear women's clothes?

(Hello? What if you've never worn women's clothes?! Therein lies the trick!)

He made it through and we were left waiting for the final call. NYPD has two Academy training classes per year: January and July. This was December, and we were figuring we'd have it all wrapped up by the time Santa wriggled down our chimney.


Then New Year's came, and no call. We were bewildered. The Academy was supposed to start on January 8th.

Then we heard that it was starting on the 10th.

Keep in mind that we heard all this through our friend Mo, who was and still is a Lieutenant in the NYPD. Nobody from the NYPD ever called us.

Until the 7th.

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