Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

OK, so I am totally showing my age here...but when I was a kid, the Fourth of July was called Independence Day---by actual people---not just by the retail stores!

And aluminum foil was called "tin foil."

But that's another story for another day!

I am posting today because...CopWives, hold onto your husband is OFF this weekend! Can I say YAY and AMEN in twelve different languages?! It just so happens that this is Rocco's RDO's (regular days off) and although we feel like we are skulking around, hiding out from the all-knowing eyes of the NYPD, the truth is that this just happens to be his regular rotation.

He's off today and tomorrow, and will return to work Monday. I cannot complain. After having to work the past Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve AND Day, New Year's Eve AND Day...having his rotation finally swing in our favor is all good.

So ENJOY it...I know I will...and we'll catch up with the story after the last boom!


  1. YAY enjoy the time with the hubs! mine works so the kids and I will be staying home. I refuse to take my kids out alone on Independence Day. Too many drunks and trouble makers.

    Oh and Im only 29 and We call it Independence day at our house haha

  2. Enjoy your time with your hubby! My husband is working his FIRST ever shift tonight, so I am missing him (and realizing how many holidays like this are to come!).

  3. Hello all,
    Just moved to upstate NY.Completely new to this website. Met a great neighbor this week:) Glad to know that there is more of us out there than just me alone.


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