Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Commercial That Worked

One night, Roc and I were both home, just sitting on the couch hanging out and watching a show together on TV. Suddenly there was an ad for Pedigree Dog Food. It said, "We're For Dogs."

The next one said, "We're for Puppies."

I practically launched myself off the couch. "I'M FOR PUPPIES!" I shouted, as Roc almost choked on a hot cup of tea.

"That's...great, honey." He looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

"I'm serious, Roc. It's time." I felt a swell of determination rise up inside of me. Nobody was going to talk me out of it this time.

Then, a little later on in the program, we saw another Pedigree commercial. Apparently they had bought a block of space, interspersing their commercials throughout the show. This one was a little different in tone. It showed dog after dog, their faces framed in a cage or crate. This time the tag line was, "We're for Shelter Dogs."

I started to cry and made my decision then and there: I was going to rescue a dog.

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