Monday, July 19, 2010

A little Summer Reading

Did you ever hear that expression, Where ever you go, there you are?

Something funny happened to me on Saturday, and I just had to share.

I have two very distinctive reading lists: Summer and Winter. I am a voracious reader, never without a book, and in desperate times have been known to read anything I can get my hands on. Summer for me calls for light reading...a fluffy little tale, chick lit, a beach read, even a Murder Mystery Lite.

Winter is when I read the classics, or anything thought-provoking, political, or otherwise seriously serious.

So I just took a cute book out of the library called Hounding the Pavement: A Dog Walker Mystery. It's by an author named Judi McCoy. I love dogs and was pleased to find out that Ms. McCoy is donating all the royalties that she earns from the sales of the book to Best Friends Animal Society. If you've ever watched the show DogTown on NatGeo: that's them. Often times when hubby is working, my doggy and I will curl up on the couch and watch the show we've affectionately named, "The Cousins!"

Okay, so maybe I say it and she's just happy and licks my face because I have a treat in my hand. Whatever. Either way, it's a great show.

But back to the book. The premise is basically about a professional Dog Walker in NYC who stumbles upon a body, and in the chaos that follows, her and her dog Rudy help solve the crime.

Perfect summer reading!

Until I got to Page 58, when she meets the hot NYPD Detective, and we get to hear a little bit about his private life:

...The only thing that saved him from a second walk down the aisle was his job. Carolanne had cheated her way out of their marriage, telling him she could no longer stay hitched to a guy in a dangerous profession who kept irregular hours and seven-day workweeks. He realized not many women could.


And I leave you, dear friends, with that!

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