Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Men are Funny

So Roc and I started sharing the same hairdresser some time ago...it's a long boring tale of his barber going out of business and me convincing him to try my hairdresser/friend Jess. The point is: we both go to the same person to get our hair cut.

We all know that going to the hairdresser is like heading off to a confessional: there's just something about that damn sink that makes you spill your guts, and by the time you're headed over to the chopping block, you're divulging all kinds of secrets against your will.

I was having one of those experiences, confiding in Jess about Roc's "new plan" moving forward. At one point, she stopped shearing and started laughing.

"What?" I looked at her in the mirror, amazed that my endless diatribe was even remotely funny.

"Men are Funny." She chuckled. "You know I just had him in here the other day?"

I vaguely remembered him getting a haircut.


"He told me, almost word for word, exactly what you said. About going into the business on Fridays and staying all night long if he had to...whatever it took to make his schedule work the second time around, except he made it sound like it was all his brilliant idea."

Our eyes met in the mirror and we shared a laugh.



  1. Being a hairdresser myself, I can relate to those kind of inter-family stories.

    "Promise not to tell my mom?"

    "You need to cut his hair shorter/longer/different..."

    I could go on and on but we hear it all.

  2. LOL. I love how guys have to make the idea their own before its any good. I have learned it I make T-rex think its his idea then he will go for it.


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