Monday, August 16, 2010

Diving Back In

Well, I am diving back in to my life now...unpacking bags from being at Dad's house, returning emails and phone calls, checking in on Dad and my kid brother, and eventually writing out a slew of Thank-you cards.
I decided that diving back in needs to include the blog; although sad, I am determined to move forward and continue to tell this story.

So we were at the point where I was asking my in-laws for support, and my mother-in-law assured me that she bought Roc's graduation present, as if a tangible thing was precisely the kind of support I was seeking. I walked away from that summit knowing one thing for sure: it was me and Roc---and of course the little puppy girl---in it to win it.

I couldn't count on anyone else, and although it felt overwhelming, I was determined to get him through. We had a few weeks left before he dove back in, so I put my game face on, and drove home fast. I never told him about the conversation with his parents. It simply wasn't worth it.


  1. I just got caught up with your blog and am so sorry for the hardships you've faced lately! I hope you know you have lots of support here when it feels like there is no one else. You're in my thoughts.

  2. Mrs. Fuzz:
    I feel the CopWives surrounding me with loving all of you who have sent a comment, thought, or prayer my way.
    XO SCW Stella


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