Friday, August 20, 2010

Everything New

By the second week, we were back to everything being new to us. The first time, Roc didn't make it that far, so the second time around was all brand-new to him, and of course to me too, as I was now juggling my schedule along with his, plus puppy care.

Roc got assigned a female Company Instructor who was about his age. Everyone else was about ten to fifteen years younger.

He was nervous and not quite sure where he fit in. I assured him he would be fine---when I saw him, that is---a lot of nights when I got home, he had just crawled into bed, and our conversations were more a quick exchange of information than anything else.

Roc having the day shift at the Academy was both good and bad: good, because he was able to get in and get out and stay on some sort of a normal sleeping pattern, bad because as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I am largely in demand in the evenings.

So a typical day went like this:

He would get up at 4:30 in the morning, get ready and head out the door. He'd catch the train, be at the Academy all day, then take the train home, arriving about six-ish PM. He'd eat, do homework, chill, then head up to bed.

I would fall back asleep after he left, take a morning client/class about nine AM, then head home, do what needing doing, then get ready to head out for my evening shift. I would generally work from about four PM to nine, and basically have enough time to say hello, quick kiss, etcetera, before he nodded off.

I could then be found downstairs, slurping a low-fat soup at about ten PM, watching bad television alone. I felt a weird sense of foreboding at those times, but I continued to shrug it off, thinking things could only get better with time.


  1. Love your story but one request.


  2. I love your writing style, Stella. I think you're a good writer. But I do have one need for clarification at the moment: is your husband going through academy right now or a while back?

  3. Hey Ladies:
    Hubby is currently assigned to a precinct in the South Bronx. He went through the Academy about four years ago, and the unraveling of the story is taking its time because it's so multi-faceted. I promise I'll get you there if you hang in with you can see, it's been a wild ride!!
    XO SCW Stella


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