Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Well

Not well is the answer. There are times I deal with it really well, and there are times---like this week, for example---that I am not dealing very well with his schedule.
I am totally pissed off because Roc was notified last night that he will be working this upcoming Saturday night. He was supposed to be off for the first Saturday night in twelve weeks, but crime has "spiked" in SoB, it.
Let me assure you of one thing: Crime has been spiking. Period. The economy sucks; people are robbing each other and the blind. Drug use is rampant. The City does not want to admit this, and although I may think my hubby is SuperCop, his presence on ONE SATURDAY NIGHT IN THE HELLHOLE OF THE SOUTH BRONX is really not going to make a big fat difference.
Let's hope it "IMPACTS" someone: I know one thing for's impacting me.


  1. Who needs to see their SO on a Saturday night!! Really!!! What's a Saturday night, really? It's like Monday night, except no football and none of your friends can hang out because they're busy doing something fun with their SOs. Try watching a movie and getting drunker than you intended on wine, it's what works for me!



  2. Pam:
    Love it! I love it! I just feel like it doesn't make a difference, and if it did, then maybe I would feel better/different.
    Looks like I'm taking your advice this Saturday night!
    SCW Stella

  3. OK, I guess it's just me, but I LOVE OT. A full shift can bring home an extra grand and we funnel his OT stuff into the vacation fund. That said, we didn't take any "real" vacations his first 15 years on this job, but now they force the officers to take them and no longer pay for unused time, so we're off to see YoungSon, YoungSon'sWife and the due-in-February grandbaby early next year. WOO HOO!!!!

    Maybe because my kids were never little when he was an officer. He was a Marine when they were little and ANYTHING is better than six months to a year!

    Which doesn't change the boat you're in. Drink some wine and blog nasty mean bloggy thoughts. Peace!

  4. How about the hot men on Hawaii Five-0? DVR it and add it to your wine on Saturday. That could get me by. ;)

  5. Nothing sucks like being forced in when you -- and your SO -- don't want to be. It sucks even more when you are called in for OT in this situation and it's for no big deal. I'm with you on this one!! :(


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