Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tickets became the focus of the last couple of weeks leading right up to graduation.
Parking tickets, you ask? Perhaps a speeding ticket?
I'm talking graduation tickets.
They were a hot commodity: every PPO got seven tickets and that was it. A lot of people had more than seven people who wanted to be there and watch their loved one throw the white gloves in the air. We had to choose carefully.
Roc knew that his first three were me, his Mom, and Dad. Okay. So then what? We asked my Dad, but he was having health issues around that time and voiced some concern over traveling in and out of the city, having to sit for a long time, etc. My brother was too young and I daresay not interested. Roc had a bunch of friends from his part-time police job that wanted to go and perhaps live vicariously through him. We chose some friends and that was that.
"You know, if we forget someone, I could always get a couple of tickets off of Vic. He's got no one." Roc shrugged and my heart broke all over again.
Imagine achieving that kind of accomplishment and having no one to clap for you in the stands. We were all going out for a celebratory dinner afterward, so of course I insisted we invite Vic. He agreed to come and our plans were set. We had a couple of Christmas parties to attend, one to throw, we had Eve and then Day, and the next thing we knew it was Graduation Day: December 27th.

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