Thursday, September 23, 2010


Before Roc invited Vic over for Thanksgiving, he realized that they were assigned to the shooting range for the day after. The interesting thing about the range is that it's in the Bronx, in a weird spot where you basically have to drive. He convinced Vic to stay over Turkey Night and then get up and go with him at 4:30 the next morning. Vic accepted.
I had to work the day after too, as it tends to be a very busy day at the gym. Everyone indulges on the holiday, and on the dawn of the day after, if they're not up early busting down shopping doors, they report directly to the gym. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, and certainly...don't eat another piece of Grandma's pie. Just come to me: We'll do abs together, and moan and groan. This is the offer I give them before the holiday, and amazingly, they tend to show.
So I was up early. Did I have to get up at 4:30AM? No. But I figured what the hell, so I trudged out of bed and made the boys some lunch for the range. God knows I had enough turkey to spare. As they barreled out the door, I handed Roc two lunch bags. He looked at me funny and I rolled my eyes.
"One for Vic."
"Oh, thanks babe."
A quick kiss and they were off.
I found out later that their day at the range was hectic. They lost each other at one point, and just as Vic was about to try his luck with vending machine roulette, Roc pulled him aside and offered out the lunch I had packed for him.
"For me too?" Vic seemed amazed by the fact that I had made lunch for both of them.
"Yeah, Stella's like that." Roc said in response. He says he chuckled and shook his head at the wonder of me.
At the range that day, several people in his company pulled Roc aside and said, "So how was it?" As if Vic was some sort of scientific experiment. Roc said fine and went on his way. When they left the range, Roc gave Vic another shopping bag: this one filled with all sorts of leftovers that I had packed for him to take home. Vic treated it like Pirate's Booty.
I felt good about that Thanksgiving; even though it was short, and frantic, and all the things that make a holiday not worth all the effort...I felt good because we went against the tide, and we helped our fellow man. And in the end, isn't that just what it's all about?


In real time:
Our dear friends from LA came to visit us last week. Roc had vacation time so we played tourist with them in our city; it was a great time had by all. A shout-out to LAPD and the wife (wives!) behind the badge.

Then we headed up to Martha's Vineyard, where we spent a few days getting away from the rush of NYC. Just us two. It was a nice respite, and of course we met some nice LEO's up there too: A quick shout-out to the Aquinnah cop who talked to us even though his lunch was getting cold...keep on doing what you're doing, it's admirable as hell. Edgartown PD was super-nice and so were all the other towns that dot that magnificent was a world away from New York, and just what the doctor ordered.

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