Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Test Day

After several more practice runs, the day of the JST Test (Obstacle Course) came and Roc woke up a bundle of nerves. I sent him off with a kiss and a threat: Call me the minute you get out or I'll kill you.
Easy enough. I went about my day the same bundle of nerves, wondering what had happened. They were not allowed to bring cell phones with them into class, so I had to wait until he left the actual Academy building for the day in order to hear anything. When he finally called, I was ecstatic to hear that he did it in one take.
"It was miserable waiting though. They had us waiting out in the hall, and we went in one at a time. When the instructor with the stopwatch said "Tell me When," I felt like saying...Okay, how about Never?" He went on. "Then when I went up against the wall, I felt a short pause. I remembered what the instructor said about getting over so I used the momentum I had to get over and I did it. I mean, I threw myself over and practically landed on my head. I didn't care. I knew then I could do it. So now that's done." He made a "Whew!" motion with his hand.
WHEW~ I agreed. Now he just had to get through the run, which was coming up next month.
I told myself: One obstacle at a time.

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