Monday, October 25, 2010


Getting back to the story: it's a couple of months on the job and the frigid nights begin to turn into something like Spring. Roc is informed by the other cops that the rooftops of buildings become a rather important place this time of year. There's the vertical patrols that emit nothing, and will end you up with a breath of fresh air, as well as helluva view. But there's also something called airmail: perps throwing things off the rooftops, hoping to hit a cop.
As the weeks progress, Roc sees eggs being lobbed off a rooftop; ice cubes, half-finished sodas, and basically whatever's handy. It seems silly, a juvenile prank; but rumor has it that the year before Roc started one unfortunate cop got hit with a cinder block.
I find myself amazed at the ingenuity of those who are inhabiting this area. I am annoyed by the fact that I now have one more thing to worry about, but I am also perplexed: imagine putting that much energy into something constructive.
I bet the neighborhood would look a helluva lot different.

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