Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One thing I have to say about the job: there's always a story to tell. It's a rare night when Roc walks in the house and has absolutely nothing to tell me. The stories range from funny to ridiculous, sad to downright heartbreaking. Some are appropriate for dinner conversation; some stories are a great tale to tell at a cocktail party, but most are for my ears only, and I'm sure there are many stories I will never get a chance to hear.
The truth of the matter is that everything you can imagine can effect the way a night goes for Roc: the weather, the time of year, whether or not it's a Holiday, Election Night, a terrorist attack (here or overseas) as well as a nationwide alert of any kind. Also, let's not forget that many officers believe the full moon to be a great predictor of behavior. And then...there was The Verdict.

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