Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Crapmobile

"Give me the biggest piece of shit you have!" We took turns announcing this with flair as we ducked into the third car dealership of the day. We would then burst out hysterically laughing as the guy who made his approach looked over his shoulder for any form of help or rescue.
"Excuse me?" Mr. Car Salesman would tentatively ask, all while looking at us like we were two certifiable lunatics who had just escaped from the mental ward down the hill.
Perhaps we were...lunatics, that is...or perhaps we were just determined to make the best out of the worst possible outcome.
You see, when Roc received his precinct assignment, he had a feeling that it was not a good area. But he called his friend, Lt. Mo, and asked him anyway for any thoughts or advice he had to offer.
"Well, it's a busy command." Lt. Mo must have parsed his words out with caution. "You'll learn real fast how to be a good cop." Roc said he paused before offering out this gem: "You just don't want to take a nice car down there."
Dubbed the Most Dangerous Square Mile in America, Roc's new precinct seemed anything but promising. Alas, time was on our side. My lease was up on my car, so we needed a new vehicle anyway. Hence, the Crapmobile.
We had fun that day. The way I looked at it was this: I was either going to laugh or cry. There was nothing I could do about it, and I knew that the time for tears would come.
So we harassed various car dealers and hopefully made a few people laugh in the process.

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  1. I think a busier district is a better first assignment for a new cop, despite the apparant danger. You generally learn good tactics and real police work... real quick. I think cops in busy districts actually use safer tactics. Also, while I know it's not a bonus for wives or significant others, it's more fun too.


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