Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Year's Eve

Apparently, sending the newly minted cops to Times Square for the New Year's Eve detail is a tradition on behalf of the NYPD. They need as many uniforms as possible for crowd control and they figure it will ease all the newbies into police work.
Roc simply felt like he was back being a part-time police officer. When he was part-time with the local police, they did a lot of details that were for special events, such as fireworks, concerts, etcetera, and this was an event of the highest order. They mustered up somewhere on the outskirts of Times Square and were basically told to keep people behind the barricades in one direction and moving in another. Roc was psyched; this was his wheelhouse. He could do this easily, and ended up being placed with a guy he became friendly with in the Academy. This guy's last name was the next in the alphabet after his, so they had often been paired in the Company. They could even see the ball when they walked in a few blocks to catch a meal and tourists were asking to take pictures with them all night long. Excitement filled the air.
I was happy for him, and I was grateful that he had an opportunity to ease into his career with the NYPD. As for me, I drank a glass of wine, gave puppy a new bone, and toasted the television.
Here we go!

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