Friday, October 15, 2010

Settling In

We began settling in to (yet another) new routine. I would live for the texts he would send, knowing that if he just sent a text, that he was least for the time being. I kept reminding myself what Lt. Mo had told me: almost every night, there were 40,000 police officers who returned home just fine.
I found myself changing some habits in order to make the adjustment easier. I would not watch the local news if I hadn't heard from him in a while; I found that it made me nervous and it wasn't worth the anxiety. I figured out when the weather report came on, and tuned in at just that moment, got my weather, and moved on.
I discovered that Comedy Central had a whole boatload of stand-up on Friday nights; it became my new must-see TV if I was home. The laughter was distracting and it helped to get me through the long nights.

In the back of my head was this thought, creeping in at the most inappropriate times: I didn't want there to come a day when I would be handed a hat.

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