Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny but Not

This is what greeted my husband the other night at work.

Most people would be appalled by this sight, or perhaps they would feel a flash of anger at the unmistakable image of a wasted life.
I have a sneaking suspicion that God weeps when He sees this; a hurting soul so lost in the world that her only thought would be to curl up on the hood of a cop car, hoping to rest her head.
A long time ago, a friend told me this: Hurting people hurt people. At the time, I was too filled with rage to take her in; I felt that there was no excuse for certain actions. I still feel there are no excuses for specific behaviors, but I've come in time to realize that she's right. Hurting people hurt people. Sometimes they even hurt themselves.


  1. My first reaction as a cop wife and former Marine is to laugh.

    Your comment (that you got from someone else) made me stop in my tracks. That explains a lot. I think I'll share that with my SWATGod tonight. I think it's the type of short, pithy statement that can hide like a motto in his heart when he does his job.

    Peace chica. And love and all that hippy stuff.

  2. That saying has become something I remind myself of every so often...I have to; otherwise it's too easy to forget that we're all human out here.
    SCW Stella


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