Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Christening

When we first got invited to the Christening, it seemed like it was a win-win situation: Roc had a scheduled day off, and I had a date to the dance.
The Christening ended up being a pretty big event in my family, because in the end it wasn't a typical Christening. My Aunt had adopted a child months prior to the Big Day, and since she hadn't counted on the whole thing actually becoming reality, it sort of took on a life of its own. It ended up being a Christening/Welcome Home Kiddo/Adoption Gala, in which case she decided to hold it at a place where I had recently attended a wedding. I remember looking forward to the cocktail hour, reminiscing about the good eats at the wedding prior, and at the same time feeling a little sorry for myself. You see, I had recently had surgery on my knee and it was taking its sweet time to heal. There would be very little dancing for me and certainly no high heels.
That ended up being the least of my worries.
Three days before the Christening Event, Roc got notified that he would be pulled in to work that Sunday, on his regularly scheduled day off. I don't know about other police departments worldwide, but the NYPD can and will call you in on a day off, no questions asked. My understanding is that they are not allowed to call you in on a vacation day (due to some union rules) but days off are fair game.
Roc tried to fight for the day; he let his Lieutenant know that he had a family Christening to attend, but the NYC Marathon was that day, so it was all hands on deck. The Lieu did in fact say that he would try to get him out as early as possible, but...no promises. When he told me, I almost blew a gasket: why were they taking Bronx cops and moving them over to Manhattan on his freaking day off?!?! Would it really matter if there was one less cop there? What the hell was I going to tell my Aunt?
The only saving grace was that the roll call for the race was something like 4AM. The Christening was 1PM. I was only slightly mollified by this; I knew how these things went and I knew it would be real tight.
Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled. Not even close.

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