Friday, November 19, 2010


By the time I got (back) in from work last night, it was late, but Roc was still at work. I tried to stay up but didn't make it. I'm hoping to make some sort of connection with him today, before he leaves again.

This week has really reminded me of the time he was on the midnight shift.

Let me just say that the entire time he was on midnights, it was hard. There were all kinds of things that made it hard: opposing shifts, his adjustment to sleeping in daylight, my adjustment to sleeping alone at night. There was one funny thing that happened though: my dog got incredibly lazy. All she wanted to do was lay up on the bed and sleep the day away with him. There were times when I would have to go upstairs and coerce her into going out for a walk. She would camp out on the bed, curled up close to Daddy, and she would simply wile the day away while he slept. I would roll up occasionally and say the words that usually worked like magic: "walk" or "outside" or "treat."

She was having none of it. She just wanted him. I got it; I kind of felt the same.

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