Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday Night Fever

When Roc was in the Academy, we made sure to have dinner together every Friday night, no matter what. We would sometimes go out to dinner as late as ten o'clock at night if the day got away from us, but we always did it, because it was a great way of reconnecting and winding down together.
It just so happened that Friday nights again became our time together once he was on the midnight shift. During the week, I was literally running in the door as he was running out; we'd have a quick exchange of information before he left, and then he was off, and I was on my own. But most Fridays I work only during the day. It's a rare client who wants to train on a Friday night; even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts would rather be at Happy Hour on a Friday.
So I would come home from work and do what I needed to do, then start cooking. I'd wake Roc up and make sure we had enough time for dinner before he hopped in the shower and put on his cape.
They only wear the cape on Saturdays!

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