Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doing the Work

I do think God works on our behalf: to do the things we cannot do, to open our eyes, to help us to see things that perhaps we are not ready, unable, or unwilling to see.
That said: I am doing the work on my end too. I am looking in and trying to see those things that need to be exposed, and dealt with, and perhaps removed.

You could say that I'm gearing up for the New Year.

This year, I want to walk in love. I want to fully realize that the best way to deal with my husband's career is to accept it. Looking back, I've already realized that a whole lot of my angst comes from railing at fate: WHY did he have to pick this career? WHY am I beholden to his career, his schedule...things well out of my control? WHY did I have to go through the things that I went through?

I could go on.

But I think 2010 has shown me one thing if nothing else...acceptance. One dictionary definition of acceptance is the act of assenting or believing.

They say faith is believing in what you cannot see.

My hope is that I can begin to accept that there are bigger forces at work in my life this upcoming year...yes...forces even bigger than the NYPD...imagine all that I could do with the energy I expend railing at fate...I'm hopeful that I'll get to see all that energy take shape in a new way in the year ahead.

I intend to become the Star in my Own Life!

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