Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Aftermath

In the Aftermath of "The Blizzard of 2010"---the News channels have been busy naming this one, not me---people are still digging out in NYC.

There is also a woman clinging to life in the South Bronx, because her daughter's boyfriend decided to beat her and then put a bag over her head in an effort to kill her. When Roc left yesterday, she was still in a coma.

911 was flooded with non-emergency calls: alarms going off, cars stuck, etc. Emergency vehicles trying hard to get to those in need.

And in the midst of record snowfall; still people revolve in hate, enough to commit this heinous crime.

In the darkest recesses of my soul, I wonder how long it will take the girlfriend to go back to him. Once the mother levels out, will it be okay to then forgive and forget, and go back to the same relationship? What if she dies? How many days after the funeral would be an appropriate amount of time to return to this so-called love?

Because you can call me tainted all day long, but I know more about this cycle than I care to admit. And don't think I haven't made the correlation between my husband's career and the men who once saved me.

I can choose to look at this two ways:
-I'm a skeptic with huge trust issues, who knows the deal, and is hardened to all the excuses and the "story."
-There's a healing going on here: layer by layer, as the stories unfold, God working hard on my behalf to complete the circle.

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