Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spoke too Soon

Okay, so perhaps I spoke a bit too soon yesterday.
As it stood---yesterday---Roc had off Christmas EVE as well as New Year's EVE.
Working both Days, and he had already worked on Thanksgiving.
Still better than last year when he worked all the holidays, but of course, the NYPD called "All Hands on Deck" for New Year's Eve and announced it at roll call last night.

I mean, it's not like I didn't know it was probably going to happen...but who can blame a girl for sprinkling a little hope on top of her Christmas Cupcake?

I get it. We have one of the biggest New Year's Eve celebrations worldwide.

It just sucks on a more local level: like my house. It looks like me and Puppy Girl will ring in the New Year together...a bone for her, a lone glass of wine for me.

Perhaps I should be getting used to it...


  1. Our (using the term loosely) law enforcement career became a lot easier when I stopped looking at "which holidays won't he be attending" and started saying "which days do we get to use for OUR holiday". It is what it is, might as well make the best of it and change the perspective.

    I'll probably be alone too, but I figure that a callout = overtime pay, so I'll gladly adjust and spend the difference :)

    Happy Holidays chica!

  2. Meadowlark:
    Seems like I can learn a lot from one who has been there a lot longer than me...
    Thanks as always for the encouragement.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!!
    :) SCW Stella

  3. Huh. All hands on deck announced less than two weeks before the event? Well, in their defense, the date of New Year's Eve did come as a surprise this year.

  4. Here's what's fun about the NYPD: they usually let you know the night before. This was advance notice!
    :) Stella


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