Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wedding II

The Wedding was scheduled for a Saturday night. They had some sort of pre-wedding event planned for Friday night too, but I opted to wait and fly with Roc, so we were booked on an early morning flight for Saturday. We packed light: cocktail dress, suit, shoes for each, and casual clothes for the next day. This was going to be a quick trip, so no need for the usual thousand pounds of luggage.
We had found a nonstop flight from the airport closest to our house, and we were psyched. Either way, we're real close to LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark, but this smaller airport would be easier for a fast turnaround. We got up the morning of the flight and were met with rain and high winds. Great traveling weather.
Even better once we got to the airport, checked in, went through security, and were then informed that they were going to bus us out to JFK. What? Really? Apparently, they felt they had a better chance of getting us off the ground on a JFK Runway.
People began losing it pretty instantly. Women with strollers, men with golf bags, teenagers that had their thumbs surgically attached to electronic games...all offered up a chorus of whines and wails and the grumblings of the season. I remember one guy in particular who was upset boarding the bus because he was now eating his bagel in transit, versus on a table inside Airport Number One.
Roc and I exchanged a look, which basically said: Look, we're not thrilled either, but cut it out, people! A synchronized eye roll and a snarky smile later, and we were off.
I wasn't worried. I figured the transfer would cost us about forty minutes, but that we would have more than enough time once we hit terra firma in Florida.

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