Friday, December 3, 2010

The Wedding

That very same year, we had friends getting married in Florida. These two individuals are very good friends of ours, and we knew we didn't want to miss their special day. I couldn't---either way---I had inadvertently set them up. Some say I'm the entire reason they're together. Some people thank me. I still say to please hold off on the kudos: if I take the accolades, then I also have to receive the criticism.
I just made the introduction.
They took it from there.
So it came to be that we had to arrange to go to Disney in order to be at another person's Big Event. This one was going to be tricky: Roc did not in fact have the day of their wedding off, and we all saw what happened when he did have the day off; i.e. the Christening.
He began putting in for the day off about two months prior to the wedding. They said it was too soon. He spoke to someone and let them know that he would have to purchase non-refundable airline tickets. They kept him dangling. Finally, when we could wait no more, they approved him for two days.
That meant that we were going to fly out on the day of the wedding and return the day after. Not the best-case scenario, but not too bad either.
Or so we thought...

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  1. I can't wait to read how this turns out! ;o)


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