Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Chase

Let's get one thing straight: Roc had to draw his weapon on his very first night out on the street. Things in SoB were popping off that night, and they had at least one gun run on his shift, so he's familiar with the idea of drawing and then holstering his weapon.

Most police officers only draw their weapon a dozen or so times in an entire career. Depending on where you serve, that number can be exponentially lower or higher. Most cops never shoot anyone---ever. And drawing your weapon doesn't always include pointing it at someone; there's a huge misconception in the public eye that all cops draw their gun and stick it in someone's face on a regular basis.

TV, anyone?

SO: the night in question included frigid temperatures, with Roc and Ivan patrolling in the squad car, having just gotten some hot food. Ivan was driving, and Roc had hot diner food on his lap. They were going to try and grab a bite in between calls and just as they were making their way down a main drag in their precinct, they see a kid/punk/perp jogging across said street with a pocketbook tucked under his arm like a football.

They notice this as conspicuous behavior; after all, it's three in the morning and last they checked, the Purse Super Bowl tryouts were still weeks away. Just as they notice the kid, he notices them, and he begins to book across the street and then take a sharp left down a nearby alley.

And that's where it all begins.

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