Friday, January 7, 2011

The Chase...Continued

"Stop the car!" Roc shouts at the same moment that Ivan slams on the brakes and the hot diner food goes flying from his lap directly onto the floor.
Roc hops out of the car and with a few hand signals to Ivan, he takes off and begins to pursue the perp on foot.

For those of you who have been with the story since the beginning, did I mention that Rocco hates to run?

So he's running while Ivan is trying to stay along side them in the car. NYC has a lot of old streets with small alleyways, which the perp decided to use to his advantage. He ducked down the alley and ran like hell. All the while, Roc is trying to keep an eye on the perp. At one point, Roc lost sight of him, so he drew his weapon, not knowing whether or not the perp had a gun as well. Around a corner, he then sees the perp jumping over a chain link fence, and trying to make his way up a fire escape.

"Police! Don't move! Let me see your hands!" Roc shouts this with his gun in front of him, pointed at the perp.

A quick moment of indecision---his eyes as wide as saucers---and the perp decides to come down off the fire escape and give up the chase.

It's a good call; you really don't want to screw with two hungry cops and a good diner meal that's been ruined.

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