Sunday, January 9, 2011


There's a new girl in town and her name is MARLA MASE.
For empowered women everywhere, you'll want to check out this hot act, either on the Web, or LIVE in NYC.
Check her out at:

I am encouraging all my Cop's Wives to write me a Comment---tell me a story about your "GIRL POWER" and the one that gets me all kinds of excited is going to win a **FREE** Copy of Marla's CD: A Brief Night Out.

And for the Guys: Tell me how you supported your Woman...and you can win too!


  1. Wow that's a hard one. For me my "girl power" is the strength I find to support my Mr. in all that goes with his job. He's been in the city as a street cop for almost 6 years now so I've got a chuck full of stories. I can't say that the stories are all exciting and positive due to the nature of his work so I don't know if this will get you all excited. I think looking back the two things that touched my heart the most involved kids. I can't say how The Mr.'s heart is still so soft but in reading this I think you well get an idea. Most cops hearts can grow cold and hard. Something about fatherhood has kept him all mushy inside. Especially when it comes to a call involving kids. Situation one was a call that involved two parents in the inner city who lived in the less fortunate area. The family didn't have a bed or crib for their 3 month old so the baby slept in between the two parents. The Mr got the call from dispatch as a 911 (frantic parents). When he got there he was arrived on scene of two parents (one large father) who apparently rolled over on the baby middle of the night and suffocated his own child. Ambulance took the baby to the hospital even though it was clear the baby had been dead for hours. The Mr came home in tears as he witnessed a father in tears from killing his own baby by his own body while sleeping. I'll never forget having to put aside all else to comfort my cop. The next was a situation where he caught a wanted killer and won some uniform bling for his heroism. I love attending the award ceremonies and jumping up and down " whoot!" that's my man kind of attitude. I know the risk he takes every time he goes to the station so I'm dang proud of him! I think keeping a relaxing home environment for The Mr. is key.
    Will check out your link.

  2. Hi Rebecca:
    I agree that we are the "support staff" in so many ways---good for you, and guess what else?
    YOU WON!!
    Email me at: so I can send you that CD!
    XO Stella

  3. sweet I won thanks! and it looks as if it be by default he he


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