Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you were to eavesdrop on our conversation the day after the incident with the EDP, this is what it would have sounded like:

"Were you scared?" This was me, always looking to probe deeper, wanting to make sure that he was okay.
"Scared isn't the right word. I was a little apprehensive, have this moment, where you say 'Oh F*CK,' and then your training takes over. Once I realized Central didn't understand what was going on, I knew I just had to get me and Ivan out of there." Roc paused, seemed like he was going over it again in his head. "At one point, Ivan had gathered him up from behind. I went to hit him with the asp, then realized I was likely to hit Ivan. I threw the asp away then, because I couldn't collapse it, and I didn't want the perp to get it either."
"And how fast is all this happening?"
"Oh, God, it's like...a matter of seconds. It all happens so fast."
"Did you ever find out anything else about the guy?" I always wonder what sets people off in the first place. I almost always assume it's drugs, and of course, I would like to be proved wrong...just once.
"Yeah, I found out that he was high on Angel Dust." Roc shook his head.
"What year is it, 1978?" I hadn't heard of Angel Dust in years.
We chuckled and shared a smile. I squeezed his hand and shook my head. I had certainly married an interesting guy.


  1. "This was me, always looking to probe deeper, wanting to make sure that he was okay." This sentence just summed up so many conversations that I have with CA Cop, from my perspective anyway. I feel like, since we know them best it's our job to be in tune to the emotions of the situations. The ones that they may or may not be having that they could never reveal to anyone else. Keep postin', I'll keep readin'.

  2. Thanks CA Cop Wife!
    Keep asking too...they'll never admit it, but I think they secretly like our concern.
    :) Stella

  3. Angel dust is still out there. Some dip marijuana or PCP in the substance to make a "sherm." The bad guy doesn't feel anything on it. It is a danger situation both officer and perp.

    Good work on your husband's part. The ability to assess in a fraction of a second can save lives.

  4. I should say "keep asking" but I think after a certain amount of years it's "no... seriously if it's something I want to discuss I'll either talk to you or my fellow officers." But I think we might be strange in this one, so keep asking just in case.

  5. My fiance just became a police officer and the other day we had our first conversation where I could tell he was keeping something from me. After, some probing, he finally told me and was totally not as bad as what was running through my mind. He said he doesn't want to worry me and I don't need to know all the bad details. Honestly, I feel as if I do and he doesn't need to "protect" me from the stories or the reality of his job.

    SCW Stella - I absolutely love your blog and can relate to so many of the posts especially the ones about the academy because my fiance just graduated in December.

  6. Erica:
    Get the book I Love A Cop...I talked about it in an earlier helped us out in the beginning...AND...Congrats to your Fiance...he just joined the world's biggest Fraternity!
    :) SCW Stella

  7. I can send my copy. I've wanted someone to get some use out of it. email me if yer interested.

  8. After almost eight years of being married to a police officer, I don't ask beyond certain questions. Aside from the fact he works undercover and can't tell me that much, we do discuss how our days went. He shares the funny stuff and certain other things but as far as his job, that's about it. I can understand someone new to the life of being married to a LEO would want to know everything but they have to be able to process the days events and have their end of the day down time.


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