Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shift Change

I'm not sure if the PerpWorld at large is aware of when the shifts change at the local precinct---perhaps career criminals keep tabs on that sort of stuff---but I think that the average person involved in something has no idea when the police are changing shifts.

That being said, the winter that Roc worked midnights there was one incident that got a little out of hand, perhaps because the shifts hadn't fully rolled over yet.

To hear him tell it, Roc and Ivan were in a squad car when they got a call for an EDP in the projects. For those not associated with police lingo: an EDP means an Emotionally Disturbed Person.

(Hell, that could be half my family!)

ANYWAY...there was a call for an EDP. Roc and Ivan got the call and proceeded. When they happened upon the EDP, he decided to fight them. Keep in mind that an EDP can be someone on or off drugs...on or off their meds...and you just don't know when you roll up to that call. As Roc and Ivan proceed to the apartment, the door swung open and the EDP met them in the hallway, coming towards them, clenching both teeth and fists.

They ascertained pretty quickly that he was high and began to call for backup. The problem was that when they called for backup, there was no backup coming. Central kept asking for their location in the confusion, even though Roc and Ivan had already confirmed their location coming up to the scene. The EDP started touching Ivan and when Roc told him to step back, he went a little crazy and decided it was time to start swinging and screaming. The three of them tussled in the hallway of the projects and they ended up having to spray him. Roc and Ivan both were all pumped up on adrenalin, and didn't notice the scratches on their hands until much later.

By the time he was cuffed and they made their way downstairs there was an ambulance outside and tons of backup.

Lesson learned: wait for the shift to roll over before approaching an EDP!

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