Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tight Tour

One thing that Roc still remarks about is that the Midnight Tour was what he called a "Tight Tour." He got very close with the Midnight Tour, and even though many of them are off doing different things in the department today, they still keep in touch.

The NYPD has a Unit for everything: Conditions, Target Auto, Street Crimes, Anti-Crime---I always joke about this...aren't all of you anti-crime?---Toilet Paper Unit...you get the picture. Most of the Units work the 4pm-12m shift, some of them 6pm-2am. Either way, very few of them are there throughout the Midnight Tour, which meant that the Midnight guys really got to rely on each other.

Roc works 4pm-12m now, and although it's easier on us schedule-wise, he still misses his Midnight Guys.

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  1. There's not much middle ground with night people; they're either really really cool or really really creepy. I guess all the "normal" people are sleeping...


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