Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tour Change

Although I had been praying for a tour change, it took Ivan really pushing Roc to see him move to a better shift.
Keep in mind that Roc is much older than all the people he came out of the Academy with; most of the guys and gals he works with are still in their twenties and the midnight shift is not their idea of a fun time. Ivan confided in Roc that it was killing his night life, and that he wanted to switch to the 4pm-12m tour.
Roc---late thirties---said, "How would that help your night life?"
Ivan---early twenties---replied, "Man, are you serious? The clubs just start popping off around midnight on Saturdays."
I'm sure Roc had visions of down pillows dancing in his head.
So he came home and told me that there was an opening and Ivan wanted to switch.
I said, "YAY! WOO HOO! FINALLY!" To me, it was a no-brainer.
But Roc was conflicted; he had bonded with some of the guys on the Midnight Shift and wasn't so willing to give that up without a backward glance.
When I saw his hesitation, I got a little upset.
"Do you not like the idea of sleeping together at the same time? I mean, why would you not jump at this? I thought you wanted off of midnights." I was somewhat surprised by his reticence.
"I do. I just...I don't know." And that was how we left it.

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  1. Husband's fave shift was when he was on street crimes: 3p - 3a, Wed - Sat. Bad for a social life, but so much fun.

    Sorry he thought of "the guys" before he thought of you ;) but a team you know (and trust) is always better than a team you may end up hating. So it's not you!


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