Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pushing the Envelope

I could have kept pushing the envelope with Roc, but something told me to let it go.
I was certainly upset; I looked at this new opening as an opportunity and could not for the life of me understand why Roc didn't jump on it. Why wasn't our life together more important than his life on the job?
(Ah...a recurring theme...soon to pop up more in the future...)
Thankfully, there was no heavy lifting due on my part. A couple of days after Ivan's proposal he walked into the locker room, looked at Roc, and said: "Listen, I'm going to 4-12's with or without you. Just decide. I'd rather it be with you, but I need to stop with the midnight crap. I can't even sleep anymore. It's gotten so bad that I go home and have a glass of wine at eight in the freaking morning just to wind down and try to fall asleep. Not to mention I never see my girlfriend. Let me know."
Roc called me and let me know what Ivan said.
I was secretly thrilled that it was Ivan pushing the envelope and not me for a change. I asked him what he wanted to do.
His reply: "I guess I'm moving to 4-12's."


  1. You don't have to nag. Just state your piece, and let them nag themselves and each other. Now you are in the enviable (and virtuous) position of being able to say, "It's not about me. It never was."


    No, it's not manipulation; it's anti-manipulation, and boy does it work!

  2. After years of doing things the hard way...I am STILL finding that out!!
    SCW Stella


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