Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The City Pool

Since Roc had been working midnights, he never had to deal with the City Pool issue, but once he began working 4-12's, there was the City Pool to contend with, and it was all-new territory for both him and Ivan.

Usually, the NYPD assigns two cops to the City Pool in Roc's precinct. Keep in mind that there are several City Pools throughout NYC, but only one in Roc's precinct. The pool services 300 plus people, and the majority of the people are just there to have a good time and cool off with their families.

Inevitably, there were troublemakers, and this would cause a whole slew of cops to go flying over to the pool on a pretty routine basis. If they were unable to get the crowd under control, they would be forced to shut down the pool. Often times, Roc and the other responding officers wouldn't even be there to see what started the melee: it could be something small, like cutting in line; it could be something truly offensive, like someone pulling someone else's bathing suit off under the water. There was always drama and stories---whining and incriminations. One day, Roc got a bottle thrown at him while trying to get things under control. It was a hot and sticky situation.

While at work, I would often have a break in my own workday, and I would usually take that time to walk across the street and take some sun or swim some laps at my own community pool. If I had to go back to work in the evenings, I might refrain from bringing a cleverly disguised Pina Colada with me; sometimes I would swim laps, at other times I might chitchat with various neighbors and friends. By far, the most aggregious crime would usually be when a young child would jump into the adults-only lap lanes while in the midst of a fabulous breast stroke.

Some days, I truly felt bad for Roc. Others: I would sit back and enjoy a frothy and fruity Pina Colada, smiling as I took in the feeling of sunlight on my face.

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