Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Skybox was another new thing Roc encountered that summer in SoB. The NYPD has several roving Skyboxes that they use to help deter and monitor crime in high-crime areas like SoB. The official reason for Skybox sounds a little something like this:
The NYPD uses this mobile platform for surveillance, assessment, and response in areas where there has been a recent spike in crime.

Of course, the NYPD doesn't always want to admit to 'recent spikes in crime,' but if you see get the point. That summer was the first time that Roc got to be the guy in the box. Ivan would sit in the car underneath the box, and eventually they would switch. As you can imagine, the Skybox is equipped with all sorts of monitors and cameras, mics, and spotlights.

Of course, one night they took a shooting right around the corner from Skybox. That tells me that if you're determined enough: even the "eye in the sky" doesn't really matter.

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