Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The NYPD calls your break time "Meal," and although I found that rather strange at first, it ended up making sense, because the truth of the matter is that cops work all different shifts, sometimes eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and sometimes you never know just which one you're going to get or when.

Hence: Meal.

Once Roc and Ivan were moved from Midnights to the 4-12 shift, they began to be put back on foot posts again for some time. They were initially pissed; foot posts were for the new guys. By now, they had some time on, and they felt it unwarranted.

As Spring shuffled into summer, the foot posts became easier.
But the politics became harder.

On the Midnight shift, there were very few politics involved in doing the job. To hear Roc tell it, they were a tight tour, almost like a family, and the Bosses wouldn't go out of their way to bust chops. Perhaps they figured that their lives were hard enough: working tough hours, sleeping during the day, etc. Perhaps the Bosses were just around more on the 4-12's...who knew...but the one thing Roc noticed pretty quickly was that the 4-12 shift was a different kind of animal, and if you didn't keep a close eye, you may very well get scratched.

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