Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Smart Call

The one thing I don't think Roc's superiors are really aware of yet is just how smart he is...the guy has already worked in the financial sector and run his family's business successfully...well before making the decision to become a cop...and those situations enabled him to build up a certain amount of wisdom for real-life problem solving.

But to them---he's still a rookie.

So the Bosses decided to come up with a grand idea when Roc and Ivan were still new to the 4-12 shift: they made the partners begin to split up Meal. I can't say what the thought process was for this, but let me just say this; you don't want to be alone in Roc's precinct neighborhood. COPS don't want to be alone in that neighborhood. When Roc came home and told me I was incensed; what the hell were they thinking? This went on for a few days and then there was an announcement at Roll Call about the Foot Posts picking up jobs. Most of the time, the NYPD uses Foot Posts for presence; they usually don't do things like car stops because---and call me crazy here---they don't HAVE a car.

Now all of the sudden they wanted Foot Posts to pick up jobs even if they were alone. All the cops were upset, some of them downright pissed. What the hell were they thinking?

A couple of weeks into this bizarre decision, Roc heard a call come over the radio mere steps away from where he was located. It was something violent to do with narcotics. Ivan was "on meal," but the truth was that he was sitting inside the deli that Roc was standing outside of...when they heard the call, Ivan jumped up to go with Roc. Roc stuck his head in the deli and told him to wait.

"Just stay where you can see me." Roc proceeded to answer the radio. "Central, show me on the job; be advised I am a single unit."

That's all he had to say. As Roc made his way to the job, cop cars came careening around the corner, one after the other, showing up out of nowhere. Roc and Ivan's Sergeant showed up, and there was suddenly a huge amount of backup on hand.

They stopped splitting up the Meal time not long after that.


  1. LOL. That was great thinking. Thank God they stopped splitting up the Meal time.

  2. Brilliant! Now, remind him to keep his smarts close to the vest until he gets a little clout. Sounds like he's already in Siberia, bur jealous insecure supervisors are REALLY GOOD with self-preservation. God forbid somebody figures out he's been played, and by whom.

  3. What I love most about cops wives in the blogosphere is seeing how the rest of the world does things. There is no foot patrol here and all units are single units. Interesting!!!

  4. That was a really really smart move on your husbands part! I just recently understood what central was lol I had to have seriously like a 15 minute lesson.


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