Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melo Mania

Last night, the 11 o'clock news in NYC led with a bright blue and orange banner, proclaiming "MELO MANIA!" They had reporters **LIVE** at Madison Square Garden and did on-the-street interviews with Native New Yorkers, all of them apparently rabid Knicks fans.

They led with this, and then the story took over the news for the first four and a half minutes.


My husband was trying to put out an RMP (squad car) fire; some good citizen had decided to throw a Molotov Cocktail under a cop car, seemingly for the hell of it.

People are being shot on by their own government over in Libya.

A kid in a nearby town was almost killed by a drunk driver who was driving FIVE TIMES over the legal limit.

My husband's rather routine evening at work did not make the news; the Libya story filtered in after MELO MANIA and when they finally went to the story about the very drunk girl, her boyfriend/brother/crazed male relative was shown attacking the camera guy on her lawn.

Don't get me wrong: New Yorkers and the general public absolutely need a diversion, and entertainment and sports are good for the soul when times are tough.

But it left me with an uneasy feeling about priorities being skewed and that feeling was confirmed upon waking up this morning.

The Carnegie Deli named a sandwich after Carmelo Anthony. See above.


  1. Oh, I could write volumes about my disgust with the media, but I also acknowledge that the media reflects society, so I guess you could say I'm pretty disgusted with the general public's priorities as well.

  2. Yes, SC, someone is out there buying all those magazines...
    :) SCW Stella


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