Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The End Result

The end result of that particular incident is what I find most interesting---perhaps you will as well.
The female officer didn't shoot the guy on the ground. In fact, she didn't shoot anyone.
Apparently, the male and female officer were doing vertical patrols in a building that was known to have problems with drugs and violence. As they rounded a corner in the stairwell, the perp appeared out of nowhere and raised his gun, pointing it in the face of the male officer. He pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. The male officer reacted and shot the perp.
By the time Roc and all the other officers arrived on the scene, the female officer was in shock. Of course, there were rumors that she froze and failed to react, but she did go over the radio and therefore that became her saving grace.
Because it was an officer-involved shooting, the PBA delegates showed up on the scene; the Internal Affairs Bureau had a presence there, plus Roc said there were at least fifty cop cars scattered around the building, all there to make sure that their brother and sister walked away unharmed.

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  1. Yikes!! Thank God for that response time (and the gun jam).


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