Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Patrol

One night while Roc was working the 4-12 shift, a call came over about 10:30 pm. It was a hot summer night, and the call came over just as they were leaving a job for an assault in progress, which ended up being a bullshit job.
Roc was with a female officer that night; for whatever reason, he wasn't with Ivan.
As they were getting back in the car, Roc heard another female officer's voice scream out an address over the radio. The address was in the projects, and he said his stomach lurched because he could hear the sheer panic in her voice.
"SEND MORE UNITS! SEND MORE UNITS!" Her voice was filled with terror as she yelled once again over the radio. Roc and his partner shot over towards the address. Roc threw the car in Park and he and his partner ended up running up six flights of stairs as fast as they could.
As they approached the scene, Roc saw a female officer standing in the stairwell, white as a ghost. She was staring into space, her weapon in her hand, shaking just a little as it rested alongside her thigh.
She didn't move.
In the meantime, her partner was busy wrestling with a guy on the floor in front of them. As Roc jumped in to help, he realized that the guy was shot.
"What the hell happened?" Roc asked whoever would answer as they go over the radio for further assistance.
The officer with the gun in her hand didn't respond.

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