Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Brother

I had a good day yesterday, filled with good friends and good food. I didn't turn on the computer...ALL DAY. In fact, I did not turn on the television, or any electronic device besides my cell phone. I went outside for a walk with my dog. I had a couple of glasses of wine. All in all, a nice Sunday.

When I finally did turn on the TV last night, I was alarmed and upset to see that a veteran NYPD Officer had died on a domestic call in Brooklyn. His name was Officer Alain Schaberger, and he fell nine feet down a cement stairwell, landing on his head and breaking his neck. The perp that he was arresting had 28 priors, and the woman who called the police had a valid order of protection against him. This was the TWELFTH (recorded) incident of domestic violence between the two.

“What appeared to be a routine domestic violence call early this morning became anything but routine,” said Mayor Bloomberg.


Note to Reader: If you are in a violent situation at home, GET OUT. Make a plan, do what you can, but leave as soon as it is safe. It never gets better.

Note to Stella: This is why you don't start a big fight about something trivial the minute before Roc leaves for work. Because you don't know.

The officer's fiancee was quoted as saying: "I'm waking up in a nightmare."

My thoughts went instantly to this: what was the last thing she ever said to him? Was it something trivial, or meaningful? The papers are reporting that she kissed him and told him to be careful. I do that every single day. Even when I'm pissed off because he forgot to take out the garbage...again.

Because you never know.


I would be remiss if I did not point out that another nearby officer died this weekend.
Geoffrey Breitkopf of Nassau County's elite Bureau of Special Operations was killed this weekend. His fellow officers spent Sunday morning trying to understand what happened to their friend.

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