Monday, March 7, 2011


Bringing you back to the story brings me back to a night that I considered significant in Roc's police career; either way, I know it's a night he won't soon forget.
It's late summer and precinct is still busy...people out on the streets, and more activity in general in the Boogie-Down Bronx. A call comes over the radio for an assault in progress over in the projects. The sector assigned grabbed the call, but Roc and Ivan decided to back the job. As soon as they arrived, they saw that EMS was already on the scene, so they jogged up the stairs and turned a quick corner to find that there was a kid lying on the floor with blood all over him. EMS was already working on him as Roc and Ivan started getting filled in on the details. Apparently, this was a young girl's new boyfriend, and the old boyfriend just wasn't having it. He stabbed him in a fit of jealous rage, and the girlfriend had seen the whole thing. In the midst of this chaos, one of the EMS workers asked Roc to help as his partner ran to the truck to get something. Roc steadied the kid's head between his knees and began to "bag" him as the EMS worker on the scene continued to do chest compressions.
"Hang in there, kid. Come on. Stay with us." Roc kept encouraging the kid as he compressed the bag, hoping against hope to keep the kid alive.
A few minutes later the kid's eyes rolled in the back of his head.
He died in Roc's arms.
He was only sixteen.

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