Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"So how did you feel when the kid died?" I asked him well after the fact, but I could see the gears turning, as he went back to that moment in time.
"I felt sad. It was senseless." He shook his head. "Most of them are."
"Did you have to do the notification?" He never told me, and I wondered how much he had to deal with after the fact.
"No, the detective who caught the case would be the one to take care of that." He paused, went somewhere else in his head, and then came back to me. "I just remember feeling bad because the kid died with no family around. Here he is, out in the hallway, and no one around who loves him, dying on the floor between two strangers."
"Is that why you kept talking to him?" If I knew Roc at all, I know that if he could have willed it, the kid would have lived.
"Did you ever find out his name?"

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