Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This and That

In the aforementioned situation---just in case you were curious---there was never any mention of the kid that died in the news. Not that night, and not the day after. Often times, crimes and even murders that go on in Roc's precinct go largely unreported.

We have an interesting character that's pretty outspoken in NYC. He's always got the cops on his radar, especially when a case seems to involve some racial element. You may have heard of him, this Al Sharpton character, and what I find to be the most interesting thing about him is that he never shows up at those type of events.

On another note, I sometimes think my friends think I'm going a little crazy. I will often times relate why Roc had to stay late, or what happened in SoB on a particular night, and their response usually goes a little something like this:

"Really? Are you serious? I didn't hear about that on the news..."

As if I would make this stuff up.


I was in Grand Central Terminal last night, and I had the privilege of meeting a very interesting cop: K-9 Officer Emmy. She's a female Labrador/Red Fox Hound mix certified in Explosive Detection. Her handler was kind enough to allow me to pet her, but she wasn't very interested in me, as she had a job to do. I was proud to make her acquaintance and even more moved to find out that Emmy was rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

GO EMMY! ! !


I'm still not drinking Starbucks. The very fun upside to this is that I have been getting to try all kinds of different brands of coffee. I have still not heard from the District Manager, but I did receive four free beverage coupons in the mail the other day. Do you think four free beverages is leveling the playing field for insulting one of New York's Finest?
Needless to say...Dunkin' Donuts, here I come!


  1. It's the little things, like letting your bloggy friends know and not drinking SB on principal that eventually made a difference.

    I still have not forgiven Ben & Jerry's even though they're owned by someone totally different.

    I'm a grudge holder when it comes to officers.

  2. Glad to know I'm not alone...!
    :) SCW Stella

  3. 10-4 on the Ben & Jerkoff's too. Haven't had that in YEARS. Think of all that $$ you save on not buying over priced bitter coffee. And since When is a small tall? Sounds like liberal drivel to me.

  4. Looking forward to hearing what happens with the whole SB debacle because that's just CRAZY!


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