Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

When Roc got home last night, I mentioned something about making it through the weekend, a reference to the thought that the hard part was over, as there tend to be a lot more calls on the weekend, and therefore the police are both busier and put into a considerable amount of extra danger.

In reply I got this: "Monday is the new Saturday night."


Apparently, Monday has been the busiest day in his precinct lately. I asked him to explain this, and he floated a few theories, but all in all, they are just that.

One theory is the idea that school is back in session. In NYC, we have something called Charter Schools. Kids from any borough can be selected to attend a charter school in another borough, and sometimes this causes extra traffic in his neighborhood precinct that perhaps you wouldn't see on a weekend. For example: let's say there is a kid who lives in Harlem, but got chosen to attend a Charter School in SoB. That kid may decide to hang out after school in SoB---perhaps stirring up some trouble, perhaps not---but that same kid is not going to make a special trip there on a Saturday evening, as it's not around the corner, and perhaps he has his own group of friends back home in Manhattan.

Plausible? You tell me. I'd love to know if Mondays have been unusually busy any other place. Or is it just another Manic Monday, same as any other job, any other place, anywhere in America?


  1. per the hubs weekends are their busy time,then he says it depends on the losers they never seem to have a set plan!LOL

  2. If they had plans...perhaps they wouldn't be losers!
    SCW Stella


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