Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teen Mom, Too

Anybody out there watching this Docu-Drama on MTV? Come on, admit it. It's "Reality TV" at its worst, and although they have millions of viewers, nobody wants to admit to tuning in, and gaping at the lives of these wayward teens.

Tonight is the Grand Finale: God only knows what will happen in the lives of these four lily-white girls from far-flung places across America.

Meanwhile, there are Teen Moms strewn across the landscape of the South Bronx: day after day, year after year. The other night, my husband responded to a call for a domestic incident. Apparently, a FOURteen year-old Teen Mom had taken out an order of protection against the SIXteen year-old Teen Dad. This is not rare, in fact, it is actually commonplace where my husband works. He has seen thirteen year-olds pushing around hand-me-down baby carriages; handed down from their sixteen year-old sisters.

Why isn't MTV documenting these lives?

Is it a little too gritty for their tastes? Are the girls a little too...shall we say, colorful?
Perhaps they're afraid to go into the buildings that my husband patrols nightly and catch some...film?

There is so much to be said about this, and too few people are willing to say anything. Why are teens getting pregnant in the first place? Are we celebrating this unending phenomenon by putting them on television, or is this a straight-up dose of birth control?

My biggest question: Do you really think the young girls in Roc's precinct watch this show?

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